Postcards from Galway

It has been two weeks since our return and I have to say, we really miss Ireland. The glow from the trip has been difficult to maintain, so I am postulating that sharing some of our fondest memories of the trip will prove cathartic as our country winds its way through the political and social upheaval. So with that in mind, I am starting this series with Galway.

The sites, the music, the restaurants and pubs, and best of all every coffee and tea shop had pastries of superb quality! Yes, it sounds like we ate our way through Galway, but it was really the people we came to love. They were friendly, helpful, and just downright decent folks that treated everyone with respect. We cannot wait to return!

GALWAY STREET LIFE NO. 1 - 2016 GALWAY STREET LIFE NO. 1 - 2016 (reverse)

Galway Harbour is home to an abundance of wildlife, and at the right time of the year the Atlantic Salmon run up the River Corrib. Everywhere you turn is greeted by bright colors and fascinating sites – from restaurants to museums to just a great place to walk and enjoy the day.


What can I say about Galway Bay that a photograph and song lyrics cannot? Absolutely nothing!

GALWAY BAY NO. 1 - 2016 GALWAY BAY NO. 1 - 2016 (reverse)

Until my next post, enjoy the photographs on my web galleries – processing them for the site has allowed me to really relive the beauty we experienced. Peace and happiness to you.

Terry Alexander

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