The Land of Eire

There is something totally surreal about traveling for 22 hours through 3 airports, over 3,000 miles, to another land! After the final 6 hour leg across the Atlantic, crammed into a crowded plane, I think we really need to change our views of retirement in this country. Traveling like this during or nearing retirement is simply too hard on the body! We should be thinking about a reverse retirement system where we can do everything we want while young enough to survive it, and then we work until we drop to pay for all that fun.

But for all of that, we landed in the emerald-green of Ireland – our first time here – and were immediately struck by the beauty of the land and friendly people. Kathleen absolutely fell in love with the matrix of stone walls crisscrossing the countryside and beautiful stucco homes. Our driver Matthew, from the Shannon airport to our Guesthouse in Galway, was wonderful. What a great start with someone so exceptionally knowledgeable and happy to share. We are looking forward to a hearty Irish breakfast in the morning, followed by a long day of exploration, and capped off with fish and chips, and perhaps a nip of Jameson’s for a nightcap.

The River Corrib flows through downtown Galway and into the Atlantic Ocean.

Spending two weeks centered out of Galway will be an amazing way to see western Ireland. For today we simply worked at getting our bearings, sampling tasty pastries, and catching up to the 5 hour time change. A few relaxing strolls through the city, some good street musicians worthy of a few Euros, and we are ready for adventures to ancient celtic sites, the Islands, and some great ocean seascapes. Stay tuned for more over the next couple of weeks.

Terry Alexander

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