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HARVEST – 2016 [terry-alexander-saline-michigan-2016-17.dng]

As we move into fall, my favorite time of the year, I am always ready to welcome the end of summer and enjoy the fruits of the harvest. The weather turns cooler, a change of season is evident by the beautiful colors that abound and a renewed vigor by the creatures as they too welcome cooler days. But there is also a sense of urgency to gather the last of the seeds and prepare for the next change coming around the bend. This is a time for the gardens to rest and the plants to send whatever energy they can still gather deep into their core – to prepare for the white blanket of winters sleep that will soon lay over the land. Every corner we turn, every road we travel, every person encountered along the way can bring a new and often exciting experience if we remain open to it. Enjoy!

Terry Alexander 

“I unroll a picture and examine it, and reveal mountains and seas unfamiliar to me. The wind scatters in verdant forests, the torrent overflows in bubbling foam. Ah, how could this be achieved merely by the skillful use of hands and fingers? The spirit must also exercise control over it. For this, it is the essence of painting.” Wang Wei, 5th century painter

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